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Welcome to the Woodfolks: Blog

Season One 2022:

#1 Book Review: Your Money or Your Life
#2 How Many Mouths Will You Feed In Hard Times?
#3 The Poor Persons Meal – Recipe
#4 One of Our Homestead Books
#5 Alaskan Beans With Video – Recipe
#6 Why Not A Bidet ?
#7 Our Homestead Book – Two
#8 Basic Tools For The Homestead
#9 The $20 Outfit Camping Challenge
#10 Our homestead book: Three
#11 Pernil for New Year’s Day.
#12 Electric Blanket, Really? Last Blog Post for 2022

Season Two 2023:

Jobs In the Out of Doors

#13 Chickens Not Laying Eggs
#14 Radio Needs Q &A
#15 Tools For Hard Times
#16 What is a CBDC (central bank digital currency)?

The Coop Build

3 Book Reviews & One Digital Cast

Dogs on the Homestead

The Homestead: How You Going to Fund It?

Predators On The Homestead

Chicken Plucking Day

Silver Vs Gold & the 10%

3 Book Reviews & One Digital Cast

Winter Micro Greens and Sprouts

Meals in the Freezer

Standard Pantry Planning

Earn Some Extra Cash on the Homestead

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