How to Make Parched Corn

Parched Corn

This could feed a man for weeks. So was the claim. It was used when no game was found.

Corn is first dried (dry out frozen corn in an oven at 200 deg F.). After it dries, Simply heat a skillet on a low setting and lightly oil the skillet. When the skillet has gotten hot take a paper towel and spread the oil around. Next, pour a tad bit of the dried corn in to the skillet. You ought to have not exactly enough corn to cover the lower part of the skillet. You need to continually mix the corn around so it won’t burn.

It takes no time to dry the corn. At the point when it puffs up and turns a light to medium earthy colored tone, it is done. It might even pop.

This corn can then be eaten out of a bag. Traditionally a water proofed hide bag.

It can also be boiled into a mush. Ground the Parched corn into flour for this type of food.

Fry the mush up and you have yet another dish. You can thicken stews with this parched corn.

The Partially ground parched corn mixed with a cup of cold water was called pinole.

 Try  some on your next trip

Staples of the long hunters:
Parched corn
Salt (made in Kentucky by boiling)
Brown Sugar in a cone
CoCo – Un sweet Bakers  Chocolate

Posable Oats—Like the Scottish Highlands
Fresh game
Wild plants