John Elden Gibbons

Here on the Homestead, we are gearing up for the Eclipse on April 8th, 2024, because we are on the path of totality.

10 Eclipse Glasses arrived in the mail. 3/19/2024


Here on the Homestead: I could have bought her flowers, but my Lady wanted a Stihl.

It came with a Free Hat! – 7/31/2023


I affectionately refer to our incubator chickens as ” Mutt Chickens” Black Star with “?”.

One from this years first hatch. They are growing out fast!

Brooder with six store bought Rhode island reds

In the incubator. The foam is only on the outside. I will never get a foam incubator. This is hard plastic on the inside with an auto turner. Works great. holds 12 eggs we will do about 3-4 rounds for the summer. hatch rate >70%. The first round was low because it was early and cold out. We did not pull the eggs from the coop fast enough.


Last year (I Planted Rhubarb). I thought that I drowned my Rhubarb. Before that I grew some from seed and something ate it. So I fenced it. That stopped the critters.

I was worried about Black Root Rot / Crown Rot. I just stopped watering it. It looks like it survived and is doing well.
Every Year, I want to add Rhubarb to some part of the property (From purchased seeds or plants) I figure eventually we will get the right place. If they all stay healthy then we just add to a food forest. I Love Rhubarb Crisp!

One of (two) Teresa’s Warre Hives. 5-18-23 with bee’s

We are updating Rockbottom Survival Skills as a Book – That book will have he Quilt box and insulation not showing here.

Teresa dumps the Bees in the Box and on the Queen. This one may bee from the Saskatraz box. These went in before the cold snap. They are doing well.

Queen in the Box

More bees for Teresa Today. The Next batch (Carniolan honey bees) of Bees arrived. It is going to be cold tonight. Frost in the area. This second batch will go in tomorrow with warmer weather. This was taken just after Mothers day.

5/10/2023 Almost Bee time! Teresa is building her Warre bee hives.

Langstroth Hive vs Warre Hives this year.

It’s going to “bee” a competition for her hives this year.

She will also have at least one extra Langstroth set up

for a swarm. Two nucs being sent in the mail this coming Saturday, arriving on Monday.

Apple Trees, Grape Vines, Rose Bushes, Raspberries, Chery Bushes, Plum Tree

All are doing well over the winter. A few losses over the past two years: Apple Tree, Cherry Tree, Cherry Bush, Siberian Tea bush, Chestnut Trees and Elderberry bushes. We are going to re-plant new Elderberry bushes and Chestnut trees.

We plan on transplanting some of our Stag Horn Sumac’s. Our blue half barrels and raised tables are getting moved.

Teresa is moving along on the Warre Bee Box. Looks like its two Warre boxes at a time. She is loving this build. Teresa thinks this design is great. We will report more at the end of the year.

Teresa will end up with two Warre Hives with this build

Teresa Gibbons, “Bees are on the way!”

John & Teresa Gibbons in the Yurt

Teresa and John on Feb 14th 2023


50 grape vines from this summer, Frontenac Vines. 

I’m looking forward to the summer on this winter day. We will not harvest grapes for about two more years. 

These vines grew fruit the first year and we had to pinch them off. We are looking forward to “Stuffed Grape Leaves”, In 2023.

Teresa bought a machine just for this process kind of a cigarette roller for grape leaves. We love stuffed grape leaves. Yes, I will post a recipe later in 2023.

50 grape vines from this summer

Food centric New Years day 2023

New Years Day Pork Shoulder 20223

We had a great Christmas 2022, Ham and all the sides. It was great to share with family. Yes, stress and the demands of the day give way to peace on earth and good will to all. Presents were shared and thankfulness for Grace. This will be our last year in the Yurt.

Christmas 2022

Our Special Day

Teresa and I celebrate our special day. It has been many years since our first date. A walk at Point au Roche state park. Early on I taught her to make fire with Flint and Steel. She taught me how to find peace. She is an amazing and “Good Woman”. I am thankful for Teresa every day. Our wedding anniversary is coming up soon (3rd) The coming year will be one of our best. Once, I prayed to close doors. Be careful what you ask for because you may well get it. This is not a bad thing. What will be left will be from God. Now, doors are opening one by one. Perhaps it is because when things are bad Teresa and I take the time to pray together. At those times we ask God to come into our problems. We believe strongly that two people united in thought can achieve anything with the aid of Grace. A Happy “Special Day” to my wife Teresa.

Nov 26th 2022

John & Teresa Gibbons


Pass the gravy! Today, we are thankful to have the family together. It was a full Yurt.

Teresa, Danny, Julia, Shannon, Jared, Nicole, Eliza and Me

Sarge was way too loud for me. 

But next holiday, we may have to get him a big bone to gnaw on.

Thursday, November 24
Thanksgiving 2022


Cut and Flip Aquaponics. John Elden’s “Solar Fish Taco Machine”
Here on the Homestead, we are starting a new project. This IBC will be an Aquaponic “cut and flip” project. Don’t look for this project to be complete immediately; we are far too busy. This project will be our learning curve project, and it will also be the focus of an upcoming publication. The plan is to grow Pak Choi on the grow bed and Fish in the tank – Bullhead or Blue gill. Lava rock medium The idea is to make a solar-powered “Fish Taco Machine”!
Here on the Homestead the Aquaponic project starts. 6-21-22

Here on the Homestead: We call these our mutt chickens – Crossed with everything. We have two incubators and will keep them going until end of July.


Teresa and John Elden have dinner at the Vineyard up the road
Campfire Navigation:
The Survival Sun Compass, First Steps to
Navigation and Staying Found.

Campfire Navigation: The Survival Sun Compass, First steps to navigation and staying found is now on Kindle. By John Elden Gibbons

Campfire Navigation:
The Survival Sun Compass, First Steps to
Navigation and Staying Found.
Where are you Going? Navigation is simple: Pick a direction,
use a reference, and stay on a course. But how do you make sure you are going in the right
direction? What if you have no compass? Can you use a compass? What if you don’t know the time?
This volume starts the process and teaches you the basics of finding direction.
You will learn techniques for returning to your camp, or navigation with and without instruments.
Includes the Gibbons Hobo Sun Compass Template. This clever design will help you determine time and
direction with one device.

Our Mutt Chicks

Here on the Homestead more of our eggs are going into my ugly home made incubator. Teresa has been using shredded news paper in the coop. they seem to love it.

Our TV Short – Welcome to Rockbottom has been delivered to:

Box Brazil Play




John Elden and Teresa in Welcome To Rockbottom




[Box Brazil Play] ( is a Brazil-based platform that is a is a subsidiary of Box Brazil Group.

They have over 40 live TV channels and also own multiple streaming platforms.


Here on the Homestead: We keep our Roosters in proportions for breeding and running the incubator for the year. The downside is that Roosters will spur you. We have an answer: Remove the spurs. Who wants to get punctured by a Rooster walking around in a petri dish. Kind of like a Tiger trap. One of the roosters flew at Teresa this morning and tried to spur her leg. The result was, “It was like the dog jumping up on you. It was annoying but no big deal.” Not the case if the spurs had been on the Rooster, and it could have been a nasty puncture wound. The Roosters do not seem in any way harmed. We “blue coat” them after the removal. This removal will have to be repeated every three months or so.

Lunch on the Boat – Clam Chowder Mmmmm Nothing better than a Monday with your wife
A Day out on the Lake
The Ugly Incubator

Hi All,
It has been a busy spring. I took a part-time gig that turned into a
full-time temporary position (As a Sub-Teacher). We have been re-working our titles and
are getting back into stores. Look for additions of Canoe Camp Cooking and my new title:
Personal Survival Kits
at Bookburgh Books in the Plattsburgh mall.
Available this weekend.
Also, all our video titles are going up with our distributor.
We are back on track with multiple titles.
Black Belt Camping (Video) then Rockbottom Survival Skills
It will be up on demand, and we will update you about placement.
All of our titles are getting a review and distribution.
We will be giving you updates on our summer live events,
Expo and Trade show tables. I used to do this in the 90s and miss it.
Time for Teresa and to hit the road and meet people again face to face.

What to do with 30 Quail eggs Brunch
Here on the Homestead the Vines are growing. Time to get the training wires up. It has been under 30 days. All 50 woke up and look great. Teresa wants to add 50 Marquette wine grapes next year. We have about 5 table grapes vines off to the side. I think we will add 10 concords on the side next year.
Teresa just loves planting.
Lunch is on the stove
Here on the Homestead: The first 25 Vines are in the ground. 25 more to go.
The first 25 of 50 Vines are soaking before planting.
Also, Teresa quipped, “This is the first time I ever paid a Royalty for a plant.” We call our homestead “Cedar Grace.” We have lots of Cedars.
We have almost 5 Acres in total, and we also have another three acres of mixed woods north of here (Maple Trees). Anyone can do this kind of homestead. The Name of our Vineyard is under wraps until we file a few forms. More about that later
Here on the Homestead tomatoes are doing well.
Now on Kindle and In Stores. “Campfire Navigation” Kindle price $2.99
Tomatoes in containers
Vines Are Here. Time to get planting.

Here on the Homestead we are adding more grow beds.

Here on the Homestead, we are adding raised containers to the mix. I will be adding the legs this week. Fifty-five gal half barrels are easy to build.
Four half-barrels equal about one of our grow beds.

Here on the homestead: You know it’s going to be a good story when you start with

“I was starting to build a worm farm when suddenly…”

Here on the Homestead: Rhubarb is going in the ground. Trying to sprout some from stalk. I read it probably will not work. I have a bunch of seeds on the way to plant in one or two other places on the homestead.
Here on the homestead the Lunar eclipse was visible.

Here on the homestead the strawberries are almost ready for picking.

Here on the Homestead Pumpkins, Squash and Melons. With two more fence rows going in this next week
Raspberry canes are in the ground!
Here on the Homestead: The Blueberries are in containers. At some point they will get their own cage
Here on the Homestead: Forget about Crypto Currency. We trade in eggs. This weekend’s Raspberry canes brought to us via our chickens. As the economy sinks and inflation rises, eggs are holding value. (This is not financial advice).
Here on the Homestead the quail are hatching
Here on the Homestead; Teresa was gifted strawberry plants. A weekend of gardening ahead.
Here on the homestead we are adding Blueberries
Teresa and Her Bee’s

My wife is gearing up for the bee season. We are looking forward to getting started as backyard beekeepers on our homestead.

Mystery solved. We believe our rescue – shelter dog, Sarge the Adventure Dog, is a Rottador. The Rottador is a mixed breed dog–a cross between the Rottweiler and Labrador Retriever dog breeds.
He is a designer breed with high energy and an excellent watchdog.
Due to their protective instincts, they’re fiercely loyal to their owners.
Summer Food
We Love Peppers
Water From the Spring
On Our Camp Dirt Road
16 Taps and Adding 4 more this week.
Next year, we can run up to 50 Taps on our Sugar Bush. This year 20 is plenty. I ran a few tubes but I like the buckets.
Teresa “Takes 5”
Teresa S. Landry
Off Grid Power for four months
Teresa’s Film on Tubi TV
Cider with John Elden
John Elden Gibbons Making Apple Cider – before the Homestead
Teresa before the Homestead – At my place 2016
Lunch with my wife, Teresa Gibbons IMDB Teresa S. Landry


John Fishing in Alaska, Juneau
John Elden Gibbons on AK Glacier

My Survival School Past

I get asked all the time what Survival / Outdoor School I was a partner and chief instructor in. My old business partner has sadly passed away. He was a Vietnam Veteran and power house of knowledge. I owe him much for the opportunity he gave me to help educate others in the ways of the woods. This business partnership put me on the road to self-reliance and deliberate living. Thank You Old Friend.

The first real video production I ever completed outside of college was, A Wild Plant Nature Walk. When we dissolved the partnership my old friend was the one that pointed me to the job of working with at risk youth for NYS.

John and His Grandfather
Euell Gibbons on Location
We fund our homestead with Film making and writing – got to pay the bills.
Welcome to Rockbottom now on Tubi and Plex.

Rockbottom survival Skills the Podcast

Homesteading: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly – Season 1, Episode 1

John Elden Gibbons and Teresa S. Landry introduce themselves and talk about their experiences of living deliberately, creating a freedom lifestyle, building a homestead, and living off-grid. This is about the good, the bad, and the ugly that goes along with independent living, and a journey that is filled with ups and downs. Throughout this podcast – and future episodes – John and Teresa discuss the aspects of “back to the earth” living that they want to maintain as they move forward and the aspects they want to move beyond and never have to deal with again.  This is about deliberately building the ideal life and acknowledging that some overly-romanticized notions of the simple life are not feasible in modern society. Also discussed will be the challenges of earning a living while living “simple,” and the plain truth that living  simple is very time-consuming.

Rockbottom Survival Skills Ep1 SN1

Rockbottom Survival Skills: Podcast

Every Day Survival: Good and Ugly Ep:2 SN:1

John Elden Gibbons and Teresa S. Landry Continue to introduce themselves and talk about their experiences of living deliberately, creating a freedom lifestyle, building a homestead, and living off-grid. Homeschooling and a pandemic change the way life is lived. This is about the good, the bad, and the ugly that goes along with independent living, and a journey that is filled with ups and downs.

Rockbottom Survival Skills Ep2 SN1

Rockbottom Survival Skills Podcast

Bug Out or Dig In: EP3 – SN1

Rockbottom Survival Skills: podcast Ep 3 
In this episode John Elden Gibbons and Teresa S. Landry talk about Bug out vs Dig in. When does a home stop being a place of relative safety, and what can you do to prepare your space for living during outages and loss of services? Surviving isn’t always about trekking into the woods alone, sometimes you have to take care of a family with shelter stripped of modern conveniences. What can you do?

John Elden Gibbons Bike Days
John Elden Gibbons Navy Training
1988 or 89

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