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John Elden Gibbons is the grandson of the writer and actor Euell Gibbons of Grape-Nuts cereal fame. John first appeared on a cereal commercial with his grandfather. His first movie role was as a walk-on extra in the James Bond movie, Diamonds Are Forever, while living in Las Vegas. “Welcome to Rockbottom” is a stand-alone pilot-style short film. Stan and Betty Rockbottom are characters created by John and Teresa Gibbons for their paper log (Plog /FanZine – “Rockbottom Tattler”: 3000 units circulated to date).

John Elden Gibbons

John has a lot of experience to draw upon: he has held a variety of jobs such as teaching, instructing outdoor skills, primitive bushcraft skills, wild food gathering (Wild Crafting)., Import/Export, writing, and construction. John’s past duties included a position as a personal protection trainer for NYS OCFS and Juvenal Offender Wilderness Aid (guide/trainer). John is a US Navy vet., He is also completing his ordination as a Chaplin within the Christian community and Instructor (Sensei Level, 3rd Degree, Certification in Christen-based Martial Arts.)

John Elden Gibbons has been an NYS licensed guide, writer, adventurer, and videographer, John Elden Gibbons is the grandson of Euell Gibbons.

John is the husband of the talented and brilliant author, health expert, performer, and business personality Teresa S. Landry (Teresa Gibbons). The two share an active lifestyle with their children and homesteading earth-friendly life choice.

Author of two cookbooks and working on a third, John Elden has also penned a novel about an early Longhunter.

Past Articles About John Elden Gibbons –

  • John Elden is in “The New York Times”, Travel Section, Sun May 27th 2001 Compares us with the top programs in the USA
  • John Elden appears in an article by Dennis April in the 2001 Annual guide to the Adirondacks, A special summer issue of Adirondack Life Magazine.

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Chaplain John Elden Gibbons believes that Jesus came to be our sacrificial substitute, willingly taking upon Himself the judgment of God for our sins. He also believes that if we accept what Jesus did for us on the Cross, we can be forgiven our sins and receive God’s gift of eternal life through the work of His Son on our behalf. Thus freeing us from the guilt of sin. He believes that all who trust in Christ for their salvation will go to be with
God in heaven when they leave this world. John Elden believes in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God. He believes in the message of the Word of God, the Bible. John Elden also promotes the idea that individuals have unlimited potential and can tap into their inner resources to overcome challenges and achieve success in various areas of life, including health, wealth, relationships, and personal fulfillment. He believes this ability is a gift from the almighty and is granted by a process called “Grace.”
John Elden encourages people to take responsibility for their lives and develop a mindset of abundance and gratitude. Further, he embraces the works of Emerson, E. W. Kenyon, and Oral Roberts, to name just a few.

Soon to be released:

Part 2 of First Longhunter

Set in 2000, The story introduces Conrad’s Great Great Great Grandson

Inventor of
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— Crazy Prepper Board Game
— Survival Board Game
— 40 Years in the Desert Board Game
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— Gibbons Guides Decoder

Just an amazing amount of changes going- on in our world (Teresa and Mine), I am sure changes are going on in everyone else’s world. We feel blessed because every day is a new adventure. We are happy because we are living our dream. Things are coming so fast it’s quite a ride. I would not change it for anything. A big thank you for the kind messages and the exceptional interaction with our F.B. friends in L.A. (My old Home: California) and around the U.S. and Canada.

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John Elden Gibbons Black Tie dinner With his Cranberry Juice.
John Elden Gibbons on Glacier in A.K.
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