Does the USA have a feed problem?

Just found out about this yesterday.
We have had no eggs from September 2022 on to February 2003. No molting,
no other problems, they just stopped. We have never had an interruption in eggs
for more than one month. We are switching feed and hoping for the best.
All have nice combs. We have been doing this for several years.
We hatch many of our own chicks and grow them out for the freezer.
We do a lot of Salatin style processes. We have also raised quail for two years now.
Our quail shut down eggs in the winter. Nothing new for them.
My wife keeps bees. We have a small maple sugar bush. I ran 16 of
20 taps. I think we can expand to 50 taps.
Also, a garden, fruit trees and berry bushes.
I tell you this because we are not new to this lifestyle.
We are adding hogs this coming spring. But this is unbelievable.
It does make you ask … Are we in prophetic times?

God Bless.

We will also be using our own feed formula.

We will keep updating this post.


Jan 31, 2023 – Removed 50# packaged mash feed from chickens’ diet.

              Cracked Corn Only w/ Scraps

Feb 3, 2023 – First Egg. One (1) egg per day on most days.

Feb 15, 2023 – Three (3) Eggs Today.

Feb 17, 2023 – 7 Eggs Today.

March 5, 2023 – 12 Eggs Today From 16 Hens. Weather has been bad, chickens have been unwilling to get out of the coop. It is getting lighter. Yes, that can make a difference. Over three dozen of our eggs in the fridge, as of today.

We never had a problem like this in the last two years. Again, not molting. They had no other problems. We found a new feed company. We will test feed and stock up if all looks good.

End of Report

What can cause chickens to stop laying eggs?

1. Feed – Lack of protein, Bad Feed, Not Enough Feed.

2. Not Enough Daylight – at least 14 hours a day (Some people use artificial light)

3. Broody Hens: They want to sit and hatch eggs – Not a bad thing

4. Illnesses 

5. Certain Breeds Don’t Lay As much or as long.

6. Old Age over two years old. We rotate our flock with new blood every year.

7. New Additions To The Flock

8. Stressed Chickens – Predator Fear, Over crowding, Un-Clean coops, No roosting areas. 

9. Rooster to Hen Ratio – Too many Roosters for hens ratio.

10. Something Is Stealing Or Eating Eggs.

11. Environment – Cold or Hot Weather, Water in the yard with no place to roam.

12. Molting Hens