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This blog post is about the tools / skills you need in the event of a down turn.

In blog post #8, I talked about, the tools you need to
build and fix almost everything. Now I want to talk about tools you will need to get by in hard times. Based on case study’s from the depression and during down times of a US recession. No banking or limited credit. Source multiple articles in print and family memories.

The best skills repeatedly appearing in multiple articles boil down to the following skills:

  1. Ability to Horse Trade: Barter, Trade, and Sell Things.
  2. Ability to grow a garden, and provide meat or milk / cheese.
  3. Ability to minimize debt.
  4. Have a root cellar and or pantry: Skills in canning and food preservation
  5. Being handy or skilled in woodwork, metalwork, stone / brickwork, and machine repair.
  6. Having a supply of hand and power tools or equipment.
    In the old days, steam engine sawmills is an example.
  7. Being able to live off of a cash-based economy.
  8. Strong community for protection and working together.
  9. Availability of reference material/books.
  10. Local resources and raw materials to make or fix.
  11. Access to communication.
  12. Time to think, work and health
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