Besides being a licensed guide, John Gibbons is an Adventurer, Author, Videographer, Anthropological Writer and Grandson of Euell Gibbons.

Own an ADIRONDACK Classic Today: 
35 years of Adirondack Adventures and Cooking.

John Gibbons, Adirondack Guide
and Grandson of Euell Gibbons,
brings you this Volume of Short Stories, Recipes, and Adirondack B&W photos.

This cookbook is not for the
backpacker but rather
the Hunting camp cook.

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“This is Great Eats” ****

“I Love the Stories” *****


“These beautiful days must enrich all my life. 
They do not exist as mere pictures—maps hung 
upon the walls of memory- but they saturate 
themselves into every part of my body and live always.”

-John Muir

“We are what we consistently do. Excellence is defined by our habits.” 


It starts with good information, Controlled Practice and Ends in Adventure ( Like Zulu Time Adventure)



Learn the Skills you need to Thrive in an Outdoor Setting. John’s 200 Page Guide 

Gibbons’ Survival Handbook

Albany, NY, Kingston,Wilderness Survival, Outdoors, Camping, Hunting, Fishing, Euell Gibbons, John Elden

Primitive and Modern Skills

Comb Bound, Approx 200 Pages


Kits, Gear, Clothing

What will Kill you or Make you Stronger







Getting Out







Canoe Camp Cooking EXPANDED 3rd Edition

By John Gibbons

This is a great guide and cookbook for the outdoor person. You will learn tips and tricks as well as get a full menu planning guide.Let Wilderness Guide John Gibbons share his 40 plus years of guiding and experience in the out-of-doors with you.

Canoe Camp Cooking will appeal to the Angler, RV’er, Car Camper, Sailor, Power Boater and of course the Canoe enthusiast! This is a book about eating well outdoors.

More tested and great food. Why settle for those pricey freeze dried meals when top end meals are with in your reach?

Get a host of Meal plans, tips and tricks and great cooking ideas.

The best part about this guide is that it has no batteries,

no internet connection and if you drop it …

It doesn’t break. Easy to pack along.  Not Waterproof  😉

Own Canoe Camp Coking today for only $12.95. Free shipping to U.S. addresses.

This is a great guide and cookbook for the outdoor person. You will learn tips and tricks as well as get a full menu planning guide. This is worth the price of the book. John has 40 plus years of guiding and trips.

Product Details
ISBN 9781312654853
Copyright 2014, 2019
John Gibbons
Edition 3rd  edition

100 Pages Fold with Staple binding

Language English


Learn the Bow Drill

Make Fire by Friction

With all the parts and step by step instructions.




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How-To Guides and Cooking


This book has tips and trips for the outdoors and camping. This is a great book for the camp or home use. It is a “greats” book for large or small groups. Destined to become a classic. Lots of great recipes and photos. This is a book about the traditional camp cooking with a Stove and Oven. This is not a trail food guide book. We eat well at camp. The stories alone are worth the price of the book.


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This amazingly clever device comes with a booklet that gives you complete, easy-to-follow directions.


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