Getting started on a homestead means you will be doing most of or all of

the work. For you to do this, you will need to buy land with or without buildings.

An old farm is one of the best choices for a homestead. In our case, we.

Bought raw land and had to clear it. Document everything you do.

This helps for future valuation and gives you a record for your own 

peace of mind. I would want as close to 5 acres of land, but I have gotten by with as little as

three acres. 10 acres or more is ideal. If you are looking to get a Farm tax credit, you will need a minimum amount of land. Look for a post on farm credits (Case Study) in an upcoming blog post.

Step 1 may be: map and clear the land.

Step 2 may be: put in a roadway or drive way

Step 3 may be: establish a well or water.

Other Needs: Plant Fruit Trees, Make a Garden, Plant Vines or Berry Bushes,

             Make / Put up Fences, Live Stock Areas, Build a Coop, Build Hutches

      Build a work shop, Build or renovate a barn

This tool list will get you started:

Safety Glasses

Safety Ear Muffs

Steel-Toed Boots

Leather Gloves

Chainsaw Chaps

Chainsaw Safety Hard Hat and Face Shield

5000 Wat or larger Generator

Chainsaw 18″ (a second saw is needed – Same or Smaller)

Chainsaw Scrench – Screw diver and Wrench

Chainsaw Sharpener



Rock Bar

Post Hole Digger

Sledge Hammer



Steel Rake

3 and 5 # Hammer


Bow Saw

Pulaski Tool

I used a Laser Level a Lot – A Cheep one works at dusk.

Tool Kit for construction — It’s in the Pouch

Not Everything will go in your pouch but hey you can try 🙂

Tool Pouch With left and Right Pockets

Padded belt (suspenders if desired)

Claw hammer 16 Oz (12 oz. is also OK)

Chalk line

Carpenter’s pencil or Sharpie

Paint Scraper (9-in-1 Painter’s Tool)

Lineman pliers

Utility knife (Retractable Razor Knife)

Nail set

Flat wood chisel

9-in-1 Screwdriver

Adjustable Crescent Wrench  6”

Speed square

Torpedo level

3′ Level

Flex Measuring Tape  12—30’

Duck-bill Vice Grips 


Mini Hacksaw 

A Cloth – Nail Apron

Jab saw

15 In. Flat Pry Bar

Folding Wood Ruler

Plum Bob for Chalk Line

Tin Snips

Construction scissors

Mason String

Masons Trowels

5 gal pails

Cement mix container – Large Tub or a Mixer.

Put the tools in a pouch as you need them. 

Don’t Carry More than you need and never carry less than you need. 

A Five-gallon pail works great as a tool container. 

But you need to have a pouch for the tools to be used in an efficient manner.

These Tools are not in the Pouch:

Stanley 20-045 Fat Max Hand Saw  15″ Length

Cross Cut Hand Saws – 26″ Length

Back Saw w/ Plastic Miter box

Rip Hand Saws – 24″ Length

Coping Saw

Compass Saw 12″ Length

Hack Saw 

Cordless Impact Type Drill / Driver – (Can Charge in Truck or Car with 12 V Inverter)

Driver Bits 

Drill Bit Set

Step bits 

Hole Saw Blades

2X – Saw Horses ( 1/2 Sheet Ply-wood for a work Table on the Saw Horses). 

A pipe stand or wide saw horse with a vise.  

A Bumper Vice that fits into a Towing receiver on your Vehicle is Awesome.

Electric Corded:

Hammer Drill

Circular Saw

Chop Saw

Table Saw

Jig Saw

Saws All

Grinder and Face Shield

Work Lights

12 gag extension cords 

GFI Plug

If you Saw Dick Proenneke’s tool kit – This is a list from the Show, Books

and a few add ons from John Elden

Augers, with T Handle 1-1/2 inch ( 1-1/4″, 3/4″)
Bench Plane
Bow Saw
Brace and Bits – Various sized Bits
Bricklaying Trowel
Carpenter pencil
Carpenter’s Hatchet
Chalk and Chalk Line
Chisel Handles out of spruce on site
Combination square (one-foot)
Double Bladed Ax
Files, Flat, Round, 1/2 Round – (Small, Med, Large of each)
Flat Socket Chisels
Folding Pocket Knife
Folding ruler and Pencil Folding ruler
Framing claw hammer
Gouge Chisel
Hand ripsaw 26″ to make boards
Hewing Adze
Hoe, for mixing mortar for his fireplace
Keyhole saw
Lansky puck
Large Crosscut saw 36 to 40 inch, tree saw – One Person
Large Dividers with Pencil holder
Level 24″
Oil Stone
Paint brush, to apply glue
Panel Saw 12″
Plump Bob
Rotary Hand Drill with bits – Small drill bits
Round Point Shovel
Screwdrivers Flat Blade (Small, Med, Large)
Screwdrivers Philips (Small, Med, Large)
Short hand Crosscut saw
Small Block Plane
Smoothing Bench Plane #4 Stanley
Snow Shovel – Hand Made
Soap Mug and Brush for Shaving
Splitting Maul
Spud Bar for Rocks
Strait Razor – Shaving
String Level
Tape Measure
Thin Bladed Wide Chisel
Thin Bladed Wide Chisel
Tin Snips
Vise Grip Pliers
Wide bladed chisel
Wide-bladed small cold chisel
Wood Mallet – made in the field
Woodworking Dividers (Large, Small)