Why Not A Bidet ?

Bidets are designed to clean your bottom regions after you use the toilet. You wash with water and not toilet paper. You can then drip dry or use a washcloth to dry or (YES) toilet paper to dry. Some highfalutin Bidets have an air dryer.

Bidets can be an entire porcelain unit next to a flush toilet.

Or they can be built in to the Toilet

Or they can be a spray wand type unit.

Why use one. Well, No supply problem for a TP shortage. Yes they use more water.

“Biolife Technologies, manufacturer of the high-end line of Coco bidets, says the amount of water used by a typical bidet is about 1/8th of a gallon, with the average toilet using about four gallons per flush. Dec 16, 2009″


Americans are the world’s leader in toilet paper consumption. Every year,

  1. The average American uses over 140 rolls of T.P. – that’s
  2. 28 pounds, per year
  3. 4% of the world’s population, are responsible for 20 percent of global toilet paper consumption.
  4. Most of our toilet paper is made from virgin softwood pulp, with NO recycled paper.
  5. TP isa a $9.4 billion U.S. market.
  6. Recycled products make up a $161 million / less than 2%.

DIY Project

A simple and cheap bidet is a

 1-Gallon Plastic Handheld Sprayer

Get a new one. Clean it out with soap and water.

I put a water only sticker on mine in big letters. 

I change the water every day and clean it once a week. A drop or two of essential oil makes it great.

Price is between $12-$20

The Boondock Bidet

Simple, Cheap and Works