John Elden’s Woodfolks Quarterly Magazine

1st Issue – March 2023 The Earth Issue

2nd Issue – June 2022 Wind Issue

3rd Issue – Sept 2022 Fire Issue

4th Issue – Dec. 2022 Water Issue

This will be a Quarterly E-Magazine.

Welcome to Woodfolks Magazine

Subscription for Woodfolks Magazine is $12.95 per year for an e-subscription.

Woodfolks Magazine will be published 4 Times per Year.

32 Pages
Size 10.25 x 6.625 Approx.
E-mag / Kindle price – $4.99
Paper Price – Coming Soon

Published by Mustard Sprout Media LLC. Sheridan, WY

A Printed Compendium of all four Issues will be available

For Order In Nov 2023.

The First Issue Will be FREE online (E-Magazine Format)


Past Publications – Stan and Betty’s Rockbottom Tattler

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