You Need an Information Plan

A friend pointed out that “information can be like a fire hose.” Work toward shutting down the volume of info to a manageable amount and time.

Per my Good Friend

I hope this helps. Ask yourself how often you need to know about each topic. Your interest in GDP or Inflation may occur once per quarter or yearly. Weather, perhaps everyday. If lousy news puts you in a bad mood, tune in to positives (or take a break) and music more often. Remember, you can limit the fire hose.

With so much noise in the system, Lack of reporting, Regional Isolation, Social media / AI selecting only more of what you have consumed, and just lousy editorial oversight trying to sell an issue or work within the advertising spaces. We can get buried in the minutia or never even get the information we may want or need.

But do we know what we need? You decide what’s important to you. I suggest you start with your top five.

I also suggest you keep an atlas (Book), Globe, or framed map handy to understand better the

world you live in.

Is the news or report balanced? I like to get information from the Right, Left, and Middle (good luck finding the middle).

How old is the information, and who seems to have information first? Keep track of who is flat wrong most of the time.

I’m updating this part a little at a time. I’ll give you three locations if possible.

I’ll try to give you a device or frequency.

List of info:


Weather to look at:

YouTube: Mitch West Weather@MitchWestWeather

YouTube: Ryan Hall, Y’all XTRA@RyanHallYallXTRA

Zoom Earth

NOAA National Hurricane Center

Weather – National Weather Service

All NOAA Weather Radio stations broadcast on one of

seven frequencies in the VHF Public Service:

A weather alert radio will show 1-7, not the MHz.

162.400 megahertz (MHz),

162.425 MHz,

162.450 MHz,

162.475 MHz,

162.500 MHz,

162.525 MHz,

162.550 MHz.

The WX on a radio with a weather alert will activate the Auto Alert Function (WX)

You must press this to automate the attention on “YOUR RADIO.”

Wildfires and Smoke – Map of Fire-Smoke and SmogForest Fires Map

National Hazard – Risk Index Map

Electric grid disruptions – Power Outage Map: Your Local Utility May also have an online map.

Supply chain disruptions – Maritime Shipping

Economic news – Market Watch, Yahoo Finance

Water level/drought – Water Maps onlineNOAA Stations, Local NPR Radio

Crops outlook – Ag Web NewsUSDA Crops and Info

Hazard spills – Super Fund Sites in your AreaWaste Cleanups

Civil unrest – Endowment for Peace Tracker, Travel Advisory Dept. State, Homeland Security gov

Crime – Spot Crime Web Site, Device – a Radio Police/Emergency Scanner, Local AM radio News

Politics National / World – BBC News, Politico News, CNN Politics, NPR News On F.M. Radio

Real estate – Prices and More, Homes Com, Wet Land Map

Stock trends – News Just the Numbers,

Commodity trends – Lots of Info on this site

Metals trends – Go to Woodfolks. Com Home pageBloomberg

GNP / GDP – GDP Shadow

Unemployment – Labor & Statistics

Disease Vectors – CDC Outbreaks List, Health Alert Network (HAN)

Natural disasters – Disasters World Wide, Volcanic / Earthquakes, Data From FEMA, Data Tools

News –  AP NewsReuters News, BBC NewsFox News, NPR News, Aljazeera News, CBC News

South / Central America News- US Report, Latin Am 1, Latin America 2

Temperature Trends – Ocean TrendsWorld Temps Now

Global Weather Trends – NASA Trends, World Wide NASA

Inflation World / National – Shadow Stats (Lots of Info)FRED

Earth Cams – See Real-Time Streets

US Debt Clock –Don’t Look Too Long


I will add links to news in each region soon.

This is how I divide the US by area.

Local – 200 Miles From Home in all directions.


New England – MA News, VT News, ME News

Mid-Atlantic – NY News 1, NY News 2, NY News 3, PA News, NJ News


South-Atlantic – Miami NewsTampa News

East South Central – KY News, TN News, AL News

West South Central – Texas News, OK News, LA News, AK News


East North Central – MI News, IL News, WI News

West North Central – MN News, KS News, SD News


Mountain – NV News, UT News, MT News, AZ News, NM News

Pacific – CA News 1, CA News 2, WA News, AK News, HI News

Territories US PR News, VI News, Guam News, Samoa News

State NameRegion
AlabamaEast South Central
ArkansasWest South Central
ConnecticutNew England
DelawareSouth Atlantic
FloridaSouth Atlantic
GeorgiaSouth Atlantic
KentuckyEast South Central
LouisianaWest South Central
MarylandSouth Atlantic
MassachusettsNew England
MississippiEast South Central
New HampshireNew England
New JerseyMid-Atlantic
New MexicoSouthwest
New YorkMid-Atlantic
North CarolinaSouth Atlantic
North DakotaMidwest
OklahomaWest South Central
Rhode IslandNew England
South CarolinaSouth Atlantic
South DakotaMidwest
TennesseeEast South Central
TexasWest South Central
VermontNew England
VirginiaSouth Atlantic
West VirginiaSouth Atlantic

Scales and Charts to Know

Beaufort Wind Scale

Tornado Classification and Safety

Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale

Tornado Classification and Safety

Earthquake Magnitude Scale

The New Tsunami Intensity Scale