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So I asked an AI: Can you make an original outline for a 60 min video production about a film maker documentary talking to an AI to make a film? I made a video using AI, step by step. This is step one.

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I will add to this step by step, and it will be one of the Lake City Film Club’s tutorials. Look for a new episode on this project every week. I used Bing Co-piolet GPT4 for this one.

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So what did it say?

Certainly! Here’s an original outline for a 62-minute documentary where a filmmaker interviews an AI or chatbot:

Title: Conversations with the Code: Unveiling the Mind of AI

Introduction (5 minutes)

  • Opening shot: A montage of the world’s most famous robots and AI systems.
  • Voiceover introduction to the concept of artificial intelligence and its impact on society.
  • Introduction of the filmmaker and their quest to understand AI by interviewing a chatbot.

Part 1: The Birth of AI (10 minutes)

  • Historical overview of AI, from early concepts to modern breakthroughs.
  • Interviews with AI experts discussing the evolution of AI technology.
  • B-roll footage of AI labs and historical footage of AI milestones.

Part 2: Understanding AI (15 minutes)

  • The filmmaker sits down with the AI/chatbot, starting with basic questions about AI capabilities.
  • Exploration of AI’s learning processes, language understanding, and problem-solving.
  • Visuals of AI in action, processing information, and interacting with users.

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