You Wake Up To: No Shelter,

No Income, No Water, No Power,

No Food

Rock bottom survival skills

Now what?

Answer:  Rockbottom Survival Skills

It’s what you need to know when the bottom falls out.

*Based on the ott TV Show – Welcome to Rockbottom & Rockbottom Survival Skills: The Reality (coming to an ott TV soon)

Rock bottom survival skills
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You Hear it on the Radio and Video Feeds every day: Extreme weather conditions like heat waves, hurricanes, and wildfires could increase by 50% in North America. The Federal Reserve has warned that climate change threatens the financial system. Extreme weather threatens crops, supply lines, storage facilities, power supplies, and many other aspects of modern business and life. Only a little over 50% of the lost jobs came back after the shut down. Automation replaces more and more jobs every day. “The biggest challenge for U.S. consumers will be that food demand will outstrip supply.” 1000 year events are becoming more commonplace. Home prices will continue to rise in the long term, thanks to low inventory. Many will have shelter insecurity with the reduced amount of good jobs.

Who is Anthropological Writer John Elden Gibbons?

Besides living the dream with over two decades as an NYS licensed guide, John Gibbons is the grandson of author, naturalist, and TV personality Euell Gibbons. Yes, John Elden and his wife Teresa are full-time homesteaders. John Elden is an expert in outdoor, primitive, and wild food skills. 

At the same time, he has held various jobs such as teaching, Import/export, writing, and construction. John Elden has a great deal of knowledge and experience from his adventurous life.

John Elden Gibbons is the grandson of the writer and actor Euell Gibbons of cereal fame. As a child, John appeared on a cereal commercial with his grandfather.  John Elden’s first acting role was as a walk-on extra in a James Bond movie, while living in Las Vegas. You may know him from “Welcome to Rockbottom,” a stand-alone pilot-style short film. Stan and Betty Rockbottom are characters created by John and Teresa Gibbons (Teresa S. Landry) for their Plog (Paper Log /FanZine – “Rockbottom Tattler”: 3000 units circulated to date).

This is one of the many bootstrap techniques John Elden uses to finance his homesteader life style. Part of what you will learn.

John Elden can now be seen on the small screen with his current project, Rockbottom Survival Skills. A reality show, docudrama, and how-to about Survival. It has Yurts, Camps, Homesteading, Off-grid and Life problems, with Survival How-to. John gets to put his B.A. in Anthropology to the test.

rock Bottom survival Skills
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Take advantage of knowledge from a Navy Vet with 45 + years of Outdoor living and a Family Tradition of over 100 +

years to guide you

John Elden’s grandfather, Euell Gibbons, was born in Clarksville, Texas, on September 8, 1911, and spent much of his youth in the hilly terrain of northwestern New Mexico. Euell’s father drifted from job to job, usually taking his family (a wife and four children) with him. During one difficult interval of homesteading, Euell began foraging for local plants and berries to supplement the family diet. After leaving home at 15, he drifted throughout the Southwest, finding work as a dairyman, carpenter, trapper, gold panner, and cowboy. The early years of the Dust Bowl Era found Gibbons in California, where he lived as a self-described “bindlestiff” or Hobo. His later fame after seven books would land him on TV shows and commercials in the 70’s. You could not turn on a TV without seeing Euell Gibbons on a commercial. His true talent was his writing and photographic memory. Books to his credit are: Stalking the Wild Asparagus (1962), Stalking the Blue-Eyed Scallop (1964), Stalking the Healthful Herbs (1966), Stalking the Good Life (1966), Beachcomber’s Handbook (1967), A Wild Way to Eat (1967) for the Hurricane Island Outward Bound School, Stalking the Faraway Places (1973), Euell Gibbons’ Handbook of Edible Wild Plants (1979)

John Elden Gibbons followed in his grandfather’s tradition. For several years, John was a partner and chief instructor in a successful Outdoor School, located in northern NY. The school worked with Job Corp of VT as a contractor, teaching wilderness skills and leadership programs. Week-long instruction open to the public was also offered, specializing in camping and wilderness survival. During part of the year, programs included workshops and seminars on outdoor topics.

After leaving the school, John worked with an NYS wilderness program for Juvenile offenders for about six years. At this time, John logged, on average, approximately 145 days, about five months per year in the woods and on the waters, guiding and teaching woods skills. Lots of dirt time.

Currently John Elden is planting a Small Vineyard with Teresa, because life is short.

It is not his intention to ever teach someone how to live poor but rather As Henry David Thoreau said to “Live Deliberately.”

John Elden and his family decided to get off the treadmill and live deliberately. Reduce their expenses and increase their income.

Create a self-sufficient life style. A life lived on their own terms. The joy of a close relationship with the land. All done without eliminating or scrimping on the joys of life. Time for travel, food, fun and adventure. Safety and Security have been on top of the list for them and their children.

Who this is not for…

Let’s be clear: No-one can guarantee you a solution to all problems, financial situations or life events.

Rockbottom Survival Skills does not give you a guarantee. It does give you a fighting chance.

This is not an overnight process. Rock bottom Survival Skills can give you fast solutions for immediate threats.

It can also set you in lockstep for an amazing future. But you need to do the work.

You need to know it will require Determination and Work.

Moreover, it does require the one ingredient lacking in many Americans:


Rockbottom Survival Skills

Skills you need to know when the bottom falls out.

Because you have no place to go but Up!

Rock bottom survival skills

*Digital Product – the images are for visualization purposes only.

Let’s be clear: No-one can guarantee you a solution to all problems, financial situations or life events.

Rockbottom Survival Skills does not give you a guarantee. It does give you a fighting chance.

Rock bottom survival skills

Here’s just a look at what you’ll find in:

Rockbottom Survival Skills

The $100 Shelter that Can

Keep You Warm and Dry

What if you found, through no fault of your own, that you had no place for you or your family to shelter.

The $100 shelter: the shelter can keep you warm and dry.

It’s portable, inexpensive, and can buy you the time you need to find or get into a permanent structure. But that’s just the start. You will also learn the steps needed to find a place to make a safe home base.

The $100 Shelter will allow you to create a base you can rebuild from after any event that has forced you into an emergency situation.

  • Mobil
  • Inexpensive
  • Warm
  • Dry
  • Large Enough

The 15 Things You Need to Know about

Income in Any Location

Every economist and financial planner tells you that you need to have a minimum of three months worth of income saved up for an emergency.

But in today’s world, that may not be possible. The average American lives paycheck-to-paycheck. What do you do when the bottom falls out, and no paychecks are coming in?

What do you do when there’s no government aid because the bottom has fallen out. In this section, we discuss the 15 most important strategies that have been used to make money in any geographic location.

What’s more, these strategies have been used to springboard many families and individuals into a better position than they were before they started.

This section is based on John Elden’s own experiences. John was faced with trying to find an income while starting a homestead. Well, John had gone through all of the traditional processes. Still, John was faced with the question, how to bring in a consistent income? One of the hallmarks of all businesses is the ability to do some form of sales. That’s the hard work involved. John and Teresa’s answer was far different and out of the box than most people. They also wanted to do something creative and something they loved. John decided that the best thing he could do would be to start a media company. John Elden decided then and there to prove the concept and pave the way for his family. This is obviously not the solution for everyone, but John walks you through the process to find what is the right solution for you. 

Learn to Work from Home – Like the Top Earners in this Country.

At the very least – Learn to Make your Home a Base for Income.  

Let me warn you that this process is not for everyone. You may not be able to follow through and do the hard things required to make these strategies work. But I can completely assure you that what one person can do, so can you.

You may not follow the exact steps as outlined, but at least these 15 strategies will give you and your family a Fighting Chance to create an income.

What’s more, I have faith that you have been brought to these pages for a reason – because you can and will succeed.

Three Easy Showers You Can Build with Little
or Nothing in No Time Flat

Once upon a time, John worked with a state government program designed to introduce juvenile offenders to the out-of-doors and create a path out of the gangs.

This was a 4-month program.

The last 30 days of this program were designed to be an extreme experience. The youth spent the entire time in the field.

Every three days, new supplies were brought in, and showers were offered at local facilities.

At this time, dirty clothing was exchanged for clean clothing.

And, by the way, this program ran 365 days a year, even in the dead of winter.

John Elden himself spent on average 145 day in the field.

Without the ability to get a shower, to clean your clothes, and to take care of the basic bodily needs, no-one would be able to jump to the next step.

That next step is, of course, putting your life back on track or maintaining what you have. Try talking to anyone after not showering for three days and having clothing that stink or look grimy. Rockbottom Survival Skills offers you three possible ways to build and obtain a shower. Plus, one or two bonus trick to clean both your clothes and yourself in a field situation.

No, I’m not talking about some cold shower: I’m talking about a warm, refreshing, life-energizing shower or soak.

If you doubt that this is important, all I have to say is, go without a shower for two or three days and observe your emotional and mental state. Next, take a warm, refreshing shower, put on clean clothing, and observe the difference.

How to Find a Safe Plot of Land

Even if You’re Starting from Zero

When disaster strikes, one of the first requirements is to find a safe place to work from, plan, sleep, and build from. A place where you and those you care about can spend time to rebuild or return. Rockbottom Survival Skills will help you identify the very best locations for you to establish a Safe Zone. You will learn how to find these locations by asking questions based on a list of targeted information that is done for you. You will also get a complete state-by-state guide to the best possible places to start this process.

Sure, Anyone Can Create a Makeshift Toilet. But then What Do You Do? Learn the 5 Ways that Work

Everybody’s got it. Everybody makes it, but what do you do with it once you did it? Rockbottom Survival Skills isn’t afraid of the conversation,

and it all starts with the fundamental question of what do you do with your poo?

Rock bottom Survival Skills will address: five ways that you can dispose of one of your biggest problems. As we said, there are five ways to deal with this problem. Ways one through three are pretty simple. They involve the use of the No Trace camping rules.

But when you start to establish a camp or a base of operations in one location, the sheer quantity can become challenging very quickly. Multiply that by the number of people in that location, both with you and around you.

These other people may be part of your group, or they may be part of some other group. In any event, you’re going to have to coexist with them for the time you are there. This can also include zoning and other considerations, including local ordinances.

You’re still subject to these rules even if you’re trying to escape a bad situation. Rockbottom Survival Skills does not offer legal advice. But what it does do is provide diagrams, plans, and explanations on processes used by others and the author.

The Section on Water Systems Will Have You Locating Water and Using It in No Time

Locating and obtaining water is the absolute basic need that everyone faces, especially when they’re entering a situation where they’ve got to provide for themselves.

And where do you get water?

The section on water Rockbottom Survival Skills shows you step-by-step how to locate water. It also shows you how to identify and ensure that the water you’re drinking or using is safe for you. Let’s face it, the very first thing that everyone needs is to find a reliable water source. The basic needs of every human being start with being able to get clean water regularly. Rockbottom Survival Skills looks at making pumps, storage units, water collection systems, and water purification systems.

Some of these are made in the field with little or no materials, and others are a little more challenging, but none require more than an average ability to put things together.

Rockbottom Survival Skills also explains basic ways for you to carry water. This guide shows you what works and what doesn’t.

More importantly, Rock Bottom Survival Skills shows you how to negotiate your way in an area before you even get there and to determine whether or not water is available.

For example, you will learn who to contact to find if there are springs in the area open to the general public. You will also learn the process of finding and placing a well on a property that you may have acquired, just by looking at a map or reading publicly available information.

By knowing these techniques, you will get most of the information you need before you even arrive. It will also allow you to stand your ground and find alternatives when needed.

Learn What to Look For when Scouting for a Way Out of a Bad Situation with our 7 Step System

Learn the basic 7 step system that will keep you safe in any bad situation. Realistically, no-one can ever guarantee that you will be able to implement every one of these steps or that they will work in every situation.

Still, we can guarantee that understanding these steps will give you the best advantage in a bad situation. These steps have been developed over thousands of years of conflict.

Rockbottom Survival Skills gives you martial art moves and strategies that can end dealing with a bad situations with knowledge from around the globe.

This 7 step system is a combination of the ideas and actions that have been a winning strategy for leaders going back to King David.

We are programmed for Fight, Flight, or Freeze. Knowing when to do these things in the right way can mean the difference between life or death. 

Rockbottom Survival Skills has synthesized lessons learned from centuries ago and current-day Game Theory to give you a thorough 7 step process that is done for you.

Just remember that when the chips are down, there is no time to think, and having rehearsed this process over and again, you will be able to react in a biomechanical manner rather than have to wait and fear when it’s just too late…

Knowing What to Take in an Emergency or Survival Situation can be the Difference between Life and Death. We Walk You Through the Process

In this section, Rockbottom Survival Skills will take you step-by-step, item by item. We list the tools, materials, supplies, and components you may need to rebuild your world.

The same tools can be used to stand your ground when disaster strikes. Rockbottom Survival Skills goes beyond just an essential list. It also explains why each item is necessary and when, where, and how t0 use it.

Rock Bottom Survival Skills also gives you a handy reference on obtaining each of the items on the list.

Where appropriate, substitutions are provided as well as alternate tools that will do a similar job. One thing that everyone needs to know about any situation is that two things will cause you the most difficulty: first is a lack of knowledge, and second is a lack of resources. Most people miss the second point. Resources can be the difference between success and failure.

Rockbottom Survival Skills shows you how to find these resources.

It helps you identify what resources you will need before you even get into a new area or decide to stand your ground in the location you are at.

Learn the 15 “Medicine Cabinet Herbs,”
How to Use Them, and Where to Get Them

John Elden’s grandfather, Euell Gibbons, was world-famous for writing some of the first books about modern wildcrafting in the ’60s. Euell Gibbons has been called the Father of modern Wildcrafting.

Euell Gibbons’ book about herbs was entitled Stalking the Healthful Herbs. Fast forward, over fifty years later, Euell’s grandson, John Elden Gibbons, explains the top 15 herbs that John Elden refers to as “The Medicine Cabinet Herbs.” These are the top 15 herbs that were collected in the wild and that many of our ancestors used and kept in the larder for the inevitable times when nothing else was available. This is not about replacing medicine or medical advice. If you have a problem, see a doctor. This is about an historical look at what our ancestors used before modern medicine. John Elden Gibbons has a strong history of working in conjunction with modern medicine: as an EMT, first responder – instructor, Wilderness first responder – instructor, a lifeguard instructor, primary and advanced first aid and CPR with 30 plus years of experience as an instructor, as a licensed guide, naturalist, survival instructor, author, and World Adventurer. As John Elden says, “You do the very best you can at the time while doing no harm and get anyone in need to the correct medical provider.”

These herbs should not be considered replacements for modern medicine in any way. However, they can go a long way when nothing else is available.

The “Movable Pantry Plan” and
John Elden’s “Ration Theory” can Keep You Well-Fed in Hard Times

What is the Movable Pantry Plan and Ration Theory, you ask? Glad you asked!

The movable pantry is a way to transport food for you and your family as quickly and safely as possible. We give you the How to end the DIY. Ration Theory is a concept that John Elden has been working on for over 20 years.

The main idea is to provide the right amount of food for any number of people at any time of the year with little or no waste.

This process is based on using available resources and finding resources when none appear to be available.

The strategies are very simple to follow.

How to Have Fresh Greens and Sprouts

When You Thought You Couldn’t Afford Them

Most pantry setups, especially ones built for long-term storage, have very little or no fresh greens; this is a huge problem.

Not having the availability to have fresh greens is detrimental to two solid dietary needs.

The good news is that there is a way for you to gain fresh greens and sprouts with minimal effort and, more importantly, minimal cost. In Rockbottom Survival Skills, you will learn how to grow microgreens and sprouts, even if you’re on the road.

These can be done in small spaces with very little equipment, and the result is fantastic. One of the most complex parts is determining what seeds to use, but we take that problem out of your hands because we will show you how to find sources in familiar places.

When those familiar places are lacking, we show you how to gather seeds in the wild that can be used as both microgreens and sprouts. We show you how-to.

One Essential Technique to Finding a Safe Place

for You and Your Family Before It’s Too Late

Yes, there is really one essential technique that your family can use to find a safe place. It’s precisely the same technique that the big people use in the government,

FEMA, emergency, and military groups all use this technique. To answer a question before you ask: Yes, John Elden does have a couple of FEMA and SAR (DEC) certifications, but that’s not where he learned this technique.

Quite simply, this is called the tabletop exercise or, more importantly, tabletop mapping. As part of this technique, you will learn to identify all the essential points that you will need to find a location for you and your family’s safety. You will also know what resources are in the area you wish to use as your safe base. Even better, this exercise works really well if you decide to stay where you are. By doing this one essential technique, you will identify all available resources. You can also help others in your group, neighborhood, or community.

The Outdoor Kitchen Plan and Bread Oven:

How to build it with next to nothing

Rockbottom Survival Skills presents its outdoor kitchen design and easy-to-follow building plan. This outdoor kitchen allows you to cook for yourself or others in an efficient and organized way.

It will allow you to clean dishes, prepare meals, and have an oven at your disposal. The outdoor kitchen takes into account weather conditions.

This plan considers water needs and fuels, because one of the first things a guide learns is that, “The enjoy-ability of a camp or an experience depends, to a large amount, on the type of meals that are provided.”

With this kitchen design, you can turn out some outstanding chow.

Learn to make what you need

for little or nothing with

over 77 + DIY Projects

Rockbottom Survival Skills gives you 77 + DIY projects.

Each project is well outlined and explained by using a combination of photographs, drawings, and clear instructions – starting with the tools you will need.

You will learn everything from making a field-expedient knife to building a small cabin.

Just a few of the projects on the list..


The $100 Shelter

$20 Camp Set

Zero-pot Fridge, 

The Noodle – Toilet

The W – W: Washing Machine, 

Drum Pizza Oven, 

Water Pump Plans -DIY, 

ADK Lean-to Plans, The Equipment Catch

Slush Lamp, Small A – frame Plans, The Simple Bread Oven

Cat Whisker Antenna plans, ADK Chair

The No freeze Food Pantry, Survival Poncho – DIY

Wood Fired Hot Water Build – DIY

Knife Build, Net making, Outdoor kitchen – plan

Pack Build – DIY, , Chuck Box Plans, Ram Pump Plan

Rocket Stove, The Solar Set Up, Solar Site Evaluation – DIY,

The Simple Bread Oven, The Equipment Catch

Shower 1 – The Bucket Sieve

Shower 2 – The Gravity Tower

Shower 3 – The Pump Shower

 The Dig-Defense Stick Training

The Portable Hunting Camp

And Much, Much, More ..

5 ways to cool yourself, your food and your family even in the hottest places

Cooling is one of the most challenging processes for a person who does not have access to a grid or a large amount of energy like a diesel generator.

Solar is an option as well as a wind charger.

With the right battery combination, it is possible to actually get a decent amount of cooling.

That cooling can take the form of refrigeration or a freezer. It can also take the form of personal cooling for a cabin.

It is possible to create design features in a place that you live to give you both cooling and heating. We give you five plans for cooling. Rockbottom Survival Skills explains to you the cooling processes and gives you designs and five DIY plans for food and personal cooling.

The Portable Power System

that can have you up and running in no time

As a United States Navy veteran, John Elden was trained as An ET in advanced electronics. Later, he volunteered for a different kind of program.

But that’s a different story for another time. In high school, John Elden attended Vocational Tech training as an electrician and later pre-engineering CAD drafting.

He holds certificates in both disciplines. Over the years, as the opportunities presented themselves, John held various positions in the construction field. Among the jobs he landed in the electrical and electronics field were Advanced Communications, Power Plant Electronics,  Industrial and Commercial Construction, and Construction on a Solar Farm.

In the process of these jobs, John Elden was called on to do everything from installation of electronics to heavy equipment operation.

Here’s the great news: you don’t need that kind of background to install a simple solar array. Add to that a small gas generator and possibly a wind charger, and you will have the electricity you need.

The 12 Secrets for a New Life and

Personal Security

The basics for the 12 Secrets of a New Life and Personal Security were recorded as far back as the first century C.E. and continued to be elaborated on through the sixth and seventh centuries C.E. The foundations of these teachings are believed to go back much further into antiquity.

Based on Biblical text and modern Game Theory, Rockbottom Survival Skills is able to synthesize the 12 most important Secrets for a New Life and Personal Security.

These skills will be vital when reestablishing yourself and rising from the ashes of any situation.

This was just a glance at what you’ll find in:
Rockbottom Survival Skills
Rock bottom survival skills

With this information from Rockbottom Survival Skills on hand, you can rest assured that you have a plan if the bottom drops out. Remember, always, that if one person can do something, then so can another. Knowledge alone is not power. The application of knowledge is true power. In Thoreau’s own words, “I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived. I did not wish to live what was not life, living is so dear; nor did I wish to practice resignation, unless it was quite necessary. I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life.”

The Process:

1.Get Your Priorities Right.

2.Live Deliberately.

3.Commit Every Single Day.

*This is a digital product

Three Extra Digital Bonuses Today (for FREE)

Bonus #1

Stalking The Good Life: My Love Affair with Nature

Euell Gibbons was the father of the modern foraging and back to nature movement in the 70’s. Euell Gibbons, world-famous as a forager of wild foods and herbs and an expert in their uses in the field or home kitchen, was always concerned with preserving man’s environment. For many years, he wrote a column on related topics for Organic Gardening Magazine. 

That material was the genesis of this, his sixth book. To Euell, “the Good Life” was sharing and enjoying nature and maintaining an environment where natural things could flourish unhampered by man’s carelessness or indifference to the bounty and privilege nature offers all of us.                

*Computer pad not included. Digital Product – the images are for visualization purposes only

Bonus #2

Canoe Camp Cooking

By John Gibbons

Meals will make or break your trip. Canoe Camp Cooking is an excellent guide and cookbook for the outdoor person. You will learn tips and tricks as well as get a complete menu planning guide. Let Wilderness guide John Elden Gibbons share his 40 + years of guiding and experience in the out-of-doors with you.

Canoe Camp Cooking will appeal to the angler, RVer, car camper, sailor, powerboater, and, of course, the canoe enthusiast! Canoe Camp Cooking is a book about eating well outdoors. Tested and great food. Why settle for those pricey freeze-dried meals when top end meals are within your reach? Get a host of meal plans, tips and tricks, and excellent cooking ideas. Sumptuous meals are easy to prepare in the hardest of times. By using available pantry items, meals become tasty and straightforward. Let’s face it. If you can eat with what you have on hand, life looks a lot better, even in hard times.                    

*Computer pad not included. Digital Product – the images are for visualization purposes only

Bonus #3 

An Outdoorsman Talks with God

I woke to a satellite phone call in the Adirondack woods.
I knew it was not going to be good news. The WCA was holding the phone.

I just looked up from my sleeping bag and said,
“My father just died?”
“I’m sorry, man,” came the response.

My father, a retired Air Force Tstg., had served several tours in Vietnam and Thailand,
TDYs into Nha Trang from the Philippines in the 60’s supporting OV-1 aircraft.

Later Air America Trips departing from NKP and Phuket Thailand. Only God know what he was doing there.
He had survived the Tet offensive while in Saigon. He had seen the beginning of the war to the end.

It took 30 years, but Vietnam and agent orange had finally killed him.

At 14, I had given my life to Christ. I knew the words and I knew my Bible. I prayed and I tried.

I failed over and again in God’s plan. Sure, I had plenty of things and people in my life.

But still, I failed to hear and I was failing to live up to God’s plan.

It wasn’t until much, much  later on that mountain when I was broken and exhausted – it was at that moment

that I felt God’s power and learned how to listen. I wish I could tell you that it turned my life around immediately.

But that came even later…

*Computer pad not included. Digital Product – the images are for visualization purposes only

Take advantage of these three extra digital bonuses (for FREE)
if you order today 

*Computer pads not included. Digital Product – the images are for visualization purposes only

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Rock bottom survival skills

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Rockbottom Survival Skills

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your needs.

“If for any reason you’re not satisfied with this offer after purchase,
just ask for a refund during your first 30 days and we’ll refund
your money, no questions asked.”

Teresa and I are living our dream and want to pass on this how-to program to everyone.

Just remember if the bottom falls out, “The prepared and informed will have the best chance of rising from any bad situation.”

Rockbottom Survival Skills  is not about gloom and doom but about hope, fun and a zest for life. Rockbottom Survival Skills is about putting you in charge and living deliberately. If you want to, this program allows you to help others in your family or your community.

The first step is making sure your needs and your family’s needs are met. In this way you will be an asset. 

Rockbottom Survival Skills will guide you in a systematic way. It gives you the ability to move from level to level. It allows you to have fun in the process. You will be amazed at what you can accomplish. A friend who toured our place said, ” Wahh you two have done so much with so little, you have come a long way in such a short time.” It’s the greatest satisfaction when others recognize your achievements.

It’s time to ask yourself, what am I waiting for?

Because It’s time to live deliberately. 

Your journey starts now. 

Rock bottom survival skills

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