Veterans Crafting

Hand-crafted Purpleheart Pen with Flag Clip

Many years ago, a Vietnam Veteran took up woodworking to help relieve the lingering stress of having been in a war zone. Countless hours crafting formless blocks of wood into beautiful, usable works of art bolstered him through life’s challenges.

Today, Disabled Veteran Phil Kie is a businessman, husband, father, grandfather, and World-Renowned Master Pen-Maker. His pens have been distributed across the country and beyond to much acclaim.

Recently, Phil has been working on two projects that are dear to his heart. One, which we are eagerly looking forward to, is expected to be available in late February. For this project, Phil imported Olive Wood directly from the Holy Land of Bethlehem in Israel. He is combining the olive wood with domestic walnut to form a cross in the pen. Phil was only able to procure a small amount of this precious wood, so these pens will be limited in quantity. These Olive Cross pens will be on our website as they are completed. If you would like to reserve one for only $39.95, please email us at (No charges or billing will be made until the pens are available.)

For the other project, Phil has crafted a very special edition pen with veterans like himself in mind. This pen is hand-milled from South American Purpleheart wood, the only wood with a natural purple hue, and accented with an American flag clip. This pen is not a medal and can be given to anyone. Phil’s intent is to honor those who carry the scars of any of life’s battles.

Each pen comes with a certificate of authenticity, signed by Phil Kie






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